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A Clonky Easter

Eddik the Dread is the laid back Bug Barian®: a true sea of calm in a boat floating in the air. Nothing bothers him. And why should it? He’s a Jamaican bug through and through. 

Besides being the coolest bug in the bunch, Eddik has taste. He appreciates the finer things in Bug Barian® life: good times, great food, and a tall, cool glass of home made Bug Barian®  Honey Nectar. No wonder Eddik is so relaxed. This bug has it all.    

Looking for a bug that never sweats? Call Eddik. Need a recipe for pond water soup? Call Eddik. Need great music for your next get-together? Definitely call Eddik. He’s a one bug party that moves to his own beat. And that beat only has one setting: easy.

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