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Leaf Erickson 2014  300DPI 5x5  copy

The Bug Barians® can’t go anywhere without their trusty ship: the Leaf Erikson. It’s the only way to fly. Hand crafted and using the latest in Bug technology, this leaf boat is the finest in modern insect transportation. Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest boat to steer. It goes wherever the wind blows but that’s part of the adventure. 

No wind? No problem. Flo mans the oars and Clonk can be used as an instant rudder. But with Huntoon at the helm, The Bug Barians® are liable to get lost. In fact, it's guaranteed.

Ending up where they least expect it is the way these bugs roll. And if you're going to roll, do it with style: do it in the Leaf Erikson.

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     The Bug Barians® is a Trademark of Martin Byk and Bug Barians Ltd, LLC .  Bug Barian Illustrations by JoAnn DiMaggio            © 2016. Protected under all terms of the DMCA