thor valleri name for web 2
A Clonky Easter

Thor is an aphid that thinks he’s a dog. Or maybe Thor’s a dog pretending to be an aphid. Either way, Thor is Valleri's beloved pet and she doesn't go anywhere without him. 

Thor is brave, loyal and loves to be in the center of all things Bug Barian®. Thor can sniff out fun a mile away. Aphids have a great sense of smell for that sort of thing and he's never wrong.  

The crew loves Thor. The only real problem is, he needs to be walked twice a day and that’s tough when you’re in a boat. But Clonk needs to be walked, too. So the other Bug Barians® are used to it. 

He might be the tiniest Bug Barian® - but Thor is big where it counts: his heart. And this little bug hearts his friends...all day and every day. 

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